Helpful Books for Creating Comics

I really thought I had already written an article on useful books for making comics. But when I checked, nothing! Over the years I’ve built up quite a collection of helpful books and I thought I’d…

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Samsung Tab S8+vs Wacom MobileStudio Pro

Recently I had to replace my Android tablet after I somehow managed to put a great big crack in the screen. When analyzing the market I realized that Android tablets had come a long way since I last…

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The Joy of Discovery Continued

In a previous post, back in March 2020, I wrote about the types of relationships that words and images can have with each other. I also discussed how this can be used to unconsciously discover story…

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CATAPULTED – Coming Soon…

I can't believe it's been over a year since I posted anything on this website. It has been a difficult time for many and if you're reading this I hope you are keeping safe and well. This post is…

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The Best things in life are Free!

Everyone loves free stuff, am I right? Over the past couple of years, I’ve searched high and low for software that can help me make comics. Usually, art programs come to mind but these are rarely…

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Zuda Comics

Zuda. Now that name brings back fond memories. Never heard of them? Zuda Comics was a DC Comics’ webcomics imprint from 2007 until 2010. I discovered Zuda as I was contemplating making my own comic.…

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We have Lift Off!

It’s been a while since I had a blog post but lots has been happening. My friend and YouTuber, KaiCreative, used this lockdown period to produce something creative with his family. In addition to…

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Articulating my favourite comic artists – PART 2

This is a follow up article looking at some of my favourite comic artists. As with the previous article, I'll try to articulate what it is I like about these artists and their art. Dave Gibbons Dave…

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The whole CATAPULTED story collected in one book. Coming soon...

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After some revised planning, the Kickstarter for the complete CATAPULTED story as a single trade paperback is coming in 2022!.

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Comic Creator

Ryan Jenkyns

Ryan is a comic book artist, graphic designer, and long-time comic convention attendee, making him a bonafide comic book nerd!

His roots in animation and illustration led to the birth of his first creator-owned comic Whiskers McFadden – a retro sci-fi adventure for all ages. In 2017, he became co-creator of fantasy adventure series Forged, written by Michael Eckett.

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GQ Magazine featured artist

Luke Tobias

Artist/illustrator living in greater London specialising in 80’s/90’s nostalgia and retro gaming artwork with a twist.

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