Who am I? As you have probably gathered from this site, my name is Sebastian Chow. I am an illustrator enthusiast and comic creator who enjoys the medium of comics as a form of storytelling. I really believe that Comic Books are a unique platform for telling stories compared to novels and movies where comics wonderfully unite visual and literary forms to capture the imaginations of readers in ways that other mediums can’t.

I am currently working on my very own comic book mini-series called CATAPULTED which after having a successful funding on Kickstarter, the comic had its debut at LSCC 2017.

What is Catapulted about? Let me try and hook you in…
In the 50’s various world super powers were competing to get into space and eventually get to the moon. In particular USA and Russia competed fiercely and diverted a lot of money and energy in accomplishing this. In the early days of testing, before using human astronauts/cosmonauts, animals were used.

USA sent chimps.
Russia sent dogs.
and France…

They sent cats. For real.

Why did they send cats? I’m not exactly sure, maybe it was to establish themselves apart from the US and Soviet efforts. As far as I can gather one poor cat was actually sent up for a very short space trip and then came back to earth successfully, only to be dissected and studied afterwards. Poor kitty.

Often the cats went through a grueling training process. Cats were conditioned to live in small and enclosed spaces, they were suited in special spacesuits witch monitored their health conditions and were subjugated to various tests that would simulate launch and reentry conditions (compression chambers, centrifuges and rocket propelled sleds).

CATAPULTED tells the story of how our feline protagonist makes it to space, using its instincts to survive the perils of space travel as well as how our feline interacts with many humans during its preparation and journey. There is much more to this 4 issue miniseries however I don’t want to give too much away.

If I had to compare this book to another I would say I am aiming for something similar to Chrononauts (by Mark Miller and Sean Gordon Murphy) in terms of feel and story. A fun short story that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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