Back in 2020, writer Simon Birks posted an advert on Digital Webbing Forums looking for an artist. He was continuing with the second volume of Gone, a sci-fi mystery comic. I had already met Simon at London Super Comic Con many years ago and had picked up a copy of volume 1 which I enjoyed reading. 

I was hitting a bit of a creative block with CATAPULTED and thought a creative change might help. After some discussion and with agreements in place, I started drawing the comic. Then the pandemic hit and as it did for many others, it turned everything upside down. Simon was extremely patient with me whilst I worked on the book, which took much longer for me to complete. Fast forward to April 2022 and Simon launched a successful 10-day campaign on Kickstarter. I really enjoyed drawing the book and I was pleased with how it turned out. I bought some personal copies for myself and although the issue isn’t currently for sale on the Bluefox website, I’ll hopefully be drawing the next 2 issues to complete volume 2 which then should be more readily available.  

I’d like to think I’ve stepped up the quality of art since the first issue of CATAPULTED. My aim is to keep improving with each new piece of work that gets released. I drew the issue digitally on my Wacom Tablet using Clip Studio software. These still prove to be the main tools I use, although I am now transitioning hardware and drawing more and more on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+.

Here is the description for Gone from Simon, in case you are curious as to what it’s about: 

If a tree falls in an abandoned spaceship, does it make a sound?

Gone tells the story of a spaceship where all of the crew have disappeared. Waking up after many years of hibernation, the AssistA robot must piece together the mystery of the missing people, and try to get the ship away from the phenomenon just outside the window. But all is not as it seems, and AssistA is not as alone as it thinks it is…

Welcome to Gone.