It’s been a while…

I can’t believe it’s been over a year since I posted anything on this website. It has been a difficult time for many and if you’re reading this I hope you are keeping safe and well. This post is dedicated to my creator-owned story, CATAPULTED. Over the past year, I have been working to complete the art for a sci-fi story by BlueFox comics. I’m happy to say that the pages for that project are complete. I’m sure Simon at BlueFox comics is also happy that the pages are finished and I’m grateful for his patience as I worked on these.


This means that I’m now completely focused on finishing the comic. As usual, I’ll be doing everything from the writing to the colours and lettering. But I have to admit, it’s not as easy as I thought it was. When I made the first issue of CATAPULTED, my main goal was to get the story self-published and ready for Comic-con (I really miss Comic-cons!). Now that I’ve achieved that first goal, my focus is different. I want to deliver high-quality comics. I want there to be clear progression on the art, writing, and storytelling of my work.

To achieve this I’ve been researching what makes a good story. Some of what I’ve learned has moved me to rewrite parts of CATAPULTED. I’ve learned about pacing, conflict, subtext, creating tension/suspense, and revealing character desires.  For comics as a medium, I’ve read lots more about the types of relationships that words and images can have with each other. I hope that this results in an exceptional story that readers will enjoy. The story has parallel timelines, character conflicts, and heavy science fiction vibes (more so than issue one). I’ve also worked hard at improving my art and asked myself, how can I convey mood and atmosphere? How can I capture the reader’s eye and draw them into the page? I’ve taken many cues from artists that inspire me and I really hope you see the difference in art.

The big question…

So, the big question is, when is it coming out? I’ve been asked this so many times and often by people still messaging me on the Kickstarter page (this always blows my mind that there is interest in the story 5 years after it was released). I am working solidly for the next few months on this project only, starting with the scripting and thumbnailing of pages. Currently, the book is projected to be about 100 pages or approximately 4 issues long. That sounds like a mammoth task but I’m confident that with consistent effort and careful planning I can achieve it. I am setting myself the goal of having it ready for the Oct 2022 MCM Comic-con. This means having not only the comic but the Kickstarter completed prior to the con so that I can get the comics printed and the table booked in time.

In addition, I will be resuming the creation of blog entries for the website. I’ve invested in having the site continue for a while and I want to full use of it. You’ll also be seeing updates for the CATAPULTED graphic novel here too. For now, I leave you with a pic of my cat Rocky, who is looking forward to the comic’s release!

My Art Director