Slow progress is still progress… I think. This blog is described as “a quest to create an original creator owned, graphic novel”. That novel is going to be CATAPULTED.

Previously I had started a different story called CLANDESTINE but apart from an interesting premise, I wasn’t too confident on the story. I also recently discovered a similarly titled comic called CLANDESTINO, published by Black Mask Studios (the stories were in no way similar).

After successfully illustrating an anthology and attending LSCC 2016 and getting some great advice from artists/creators in the industry, I resumed efforts to complete my own story.

I’m a big fan of Will Eisner’s “Comics and Sequential art” and all of Scott McCloud’s books which really raise the value of comics as a medium for storytelling (highlighting the advantages over other mediums). Both creators also emphasize the strength in single creator storytelling over a team of creators. Sometimes the single clear vision of a single storyteller can be more effective than a team even if certain elements like the art are better.

Reviewing these books really helps find a starting place for what is required for most comic submissions… the 5 page preview.

Most publishers require a synopsis and a 5 page preview to see what the finished comic will look like if it was to be printed. A 5 page preview also reveals other key information:

  • Is the storytelling clear?
  • Will the reader be interested in turning the page by page 5 or will they be bored?
  • Is this a black and white or colour comic (has an impact on cost)?

All of this helps a publisher decide on whether a book is worth taking on. And with the amount of submissions publishers receive, 5 pages is more than enough.

Thus some of the future posts will be more centered on the different features connected with getting those 5 pages completed, character sketches, page layouts, covers and…. logos!

With that preamble I present the current logo (which may be subject change):

The logo feels a little bit too “clean” and “vectorish” (if that makes any sense). But a logo is a start and once it is on a cover it might become more apparent what needs tweaking. 

Part of the design was inspired by the rocket tips that housed the poor cat that was to be sent into space seen below.

More on the history of cats in space later…