Chris Lewis, writer/creator of Drones, had contacted me and asked if I could collect remaining issues that were currently being sold at Orbital comics in Leicester Sq. Orbital has a healthy turnover of self published titles every 2-3 months (Drones is by far the highest quality comic I have seen in that section in a long time). So after collecting these I thought long and hard about where these issues could continue their happy life, hence my trip to Krypton Komics!

Krypton Komics is one of the few comic book stores in London, and fortunately for me, its very close to where I live! The store is owned by a very friendly and talented Gary Ochiltree who also worked on a home produced comic called ‘Tales of the Wonder Kind’ (to which I have all 3 issues and the TPB). They have a great selection of back issues and have a great new year’s sale where any issue (including the more expensive comics) are all half price. I had previously found a Wildcats Vs X-men Golden Age one shot by Travis Charest (one of my favourite artists) and it was signed!

I had asked Gary if I could donate these remaining issues of Drones to the store and told them about the Kickstarter that Chris has started for the TPB. Check it out in the link below if you haven’t already, he is close to reaching his goal!

Here are some pics of Krypton Komics located on Blackhorse Rd Walthamstow.