London Super Comic Con 2016 whizzed its way around the calendar and housed itself in back in the Excel where, incidentally, there was a baby exhibition, a classic car exhibition and a franchise exhibition on at the same time. So making my way between heavily pregnant women, businessmen and car enthusiasts I hurried my way through the crowd to make it to LSCC.

LSCC has definitely improved over the years. Each year seems to see an increase in attendees. Not even the gloomy weather and slight rain could dampen the spirit of cosplayers and comic book fans. I think there were more cosplayers this year than ever, and LSCC was prepared with several panel events and stands dedicated to cosplaying.

However I was there for different reasons. I attended panels on publishing your own comic, sequential storytelling and inking (discussed by Scott Williams). All three of these were enjoyable but I particularly enjoyed the inking panel with Mr. Williams who related his experiences of working with other creators like Jim Lee.

I met various comic creators and Comic Con is always a great place to get feedback, advice as well as network with other creators for future projects. In addition, there was an impressive list of artists and writers from all over the globe including all round nice guy, David Finch, who I interviewed back in LSCC 2013 (as a very obvious novice to doing interviews).

I bought some comics, some art supplies and even spent some time at a very interesting and fun stand (more to come on that). I will make blog posts on each of these aspects in a bit more detail but for now enjoy a few snaps taken throughout the con.