There were many stands at London Super Comic Con 2016 this year but one stand I spent quite a bit of time at was the very welcoming art stand run by Paul Kercal and some of his student helpers.

From what I can tell there are various bits of tech and software coming together to help form this stand:

  • Promethean hardware: Imagine a flat screen TV that acts as a giant touchscreen monitor, has multi-touch functionality and a whiteboard style marker as a drawing stylus. This was running windows and Art Rage software. This was great fun to use and reminds me of use a big whiteboard with markers (incidentally my current work place has whiteboard paint on the walls which is great for doodling while making coffee in the kitchen). I used this screen twice doing a couple of sketches, one I even managed to colour. 
  • Surface Pro Tablets: Not sure if these were Surface Pro 3’s or 4’s but they had several Pros set up on easels running either Art Rage or Micrsoft Fresh Paint.  I had never used Fresh Paint before and although it does not have layer support like Art Rage it did have great emulation of brushes/pens and canvas types. A couple of cosplayers in very tall and impressively made suits posed for some sketches. 

I also won a small sketch competition and won a figurine statue of a new character that Markosia is publishing. Hope I can find some of the snaps taken when they get tweeted out or reported on. 
I’ll update this post with the pics when I they are released. 
It was a great stand and I love the idea of getting non exhibitors to create art or comic art on great technology and software.