LSCC 2013 saw a marked improvement on last years event with a better layout of tables, more creators attending and more exhibitions and stands set up.

Many cosplayers turned up with some impressive costumes, many of which have found their way to YouTube. Personal favourites included the Tim Burton Batman costume.

Highlights of the event were some of the panels scheduled. David Finch, Neal Adams, Brian Bolland and Gary Franks sat on the panel for “Batman through the Ages” which started out with Neal Adams sharing his singing voice. Many great questions were asked including whether Robin’s character added or detracted to the Caped Crusade, to which the general consensus was that Robin should have stayed in the circus.

I managed to get a quick portfolio review with Zenescope’s Anthony Spay. I had a very limited portfolio to share but it was good to get some feedback from working professionals in the business. Portfolios should consist of a variety of sequential pages displaying different scenarios, characters etc. Anthony confirmed much of what I thought were my weaknesses (some anatomy issues, background, stiffness on final pages and a lack of content).

I managed to get some interviews with different creators including Grant Perkins who delivered a great sketch of Spiderman (to be posted on the blog soon) as well as David Finch who had queues of fans waiting to get books signed and con sketches completed.

Below is the interview of David Finch who was super nice despite having fans around him constantly and having a long list of sketches to complete in a short time. Check out the interview with David below (note the work that David will be doing with Comic Experience soon in the future).

Cons are a great source of inspiration especially when try to get your stories off the page and into production of some kind. Many teams/creators have achieved this and it’s always good to discuss how different creators have overcome some of the obstacles of the creative process.

Onward with my creator owned story Clandestine!

Here are some general photos of the event including some of the cosplayers. Enjoy!