In preparation of exhibitions and commissions I decided to finally move my website from Blogger to WordPress!

Blogger is great as a free solution however the templates can be a bit dated and when you are trying to have a solid website that is responsive for mobile devices with widgets and features that work without any custom code, WordPress seems to be the way to go. Choice is sometimes a disadvantage and there certainly are a large number of themes to choose from. I was looking for something that was both slightly modern in design, yet user friendly and familiar and it had to be free (budget is low when you are also looking at Wacom tablet computers).

The idea will still be to use social to create awareness on my art however this site will be the main hub for updates and activity. It’s still under progress but older blogger posts have been imported and newsletter sign up options and links updated.

New posts are being prepared and will be updated soon.

P.S. Thanks to everyone that signed up to the newsletter!