So I thought I would start a newsletter to help build my subscriber base to my blog. Whilst some social platforms are great for promoting art/comics, newsletter subscriptions are the best and most consistent way to reach people who want to keep up to date with your content creation.

Therefore I launched my first newsletter last week. To the starters who did subscribe, thank you and I look forward to sending updates on my content as well as useful articles on different aspects of comic book creation.

What kind of articles could you expect if you did subscribe? Here are a few topics:

  • Updates on new articles discussing writing, penciling, inking, coloring and lettering comics
  • Updates on conventions as well as my first experiences exhibiting at Comic Con
  • Reviews of useful books and tools for making comics
  • Updates on my creator owned comic Catapulted
  • Reviews of online comic book platforms (Tapastic, Comixology, Webtoons etc.)

I kept my first newsletter light and I did mention that its not going to be a super frequent newsletter that is super long. Instead it’s going to be succinct and to the point as often I find newsletters I’ve subscribed to lengthy and sometimes a bit spammy. 
However I did receive a response from one of my subscribers suggesting a schedule so at least the newsletters are regular and can be expected. The opposite end of the spectrum is that newsletters aren’t frequent enough which therefore runs the risk of getting forgotten, meaning your content never gets looked at. 

Therefore I’ve decided to send a newsletter twice a month. Content wise I think that’s all I could handle at the moment.

How do you subscribe to the newsletter? 
At the top of my blog on the right is a small sign up form, pop your email in and away you go, or more so your email address.