Fear of Strangers… No I’m not talking about you, don’t run away.

Xenophobia (fear of strangers) was the theme of the third issue of the anthology series from Outré Press, headed up by Glenn Møane and Magnus Aspli. Each anthology issue was has a central theme that is explored by short stories.

Now granted, this piece of work was completed some time ago but I am resurrecting this blog and am planning to keep it up to date. So I am revisiting old draft posts that I had prepared some time ago with a view to posting regularly.

So back to the tale… I replied to an advert on DigitalWebbing (a great site for for collaborating on comics) and was assigned to pencil and ink one particular story.

“The Day the Foreigner Came”
Written by Landon Wright
Colour by Kóte Carvajal
Letters by Sean Rinehart

This was my first commission ever and I learnt a lot about the process doing it. I was far from happy on the end result but I managed to get just that… an end result. No more talking about doing a comic with no results.

The issue is available on Comixology at a bargain price, but Magnus and Glenn always intended these anthologies to be free and you can either read these online on the Outré Press site (link below) or download them for free in various formats.

>>>> READ THE COMIC <<<<

Outré Press also did a creator spotlight on me which was fun and showcased some art of mine for which I’m grateful for. Link is below.


One thing I didn’t expect for my very first published collaboration project was reviews!
I got a mixture of reviews and I agree with the negative comments completely and will look to improve on the next project. I was totally not expecting reviews of any kind and it was fun and exciting to read several different reviews.

Here are some snippets, specifically in reference to my art:

Sequart (Includes preview with my art ): “The art reminds me of the art in ‘Trees’ as there is almost a sandpapery feel to it. The facial structure to the characters are dubious, either the eyes are too far apart or the mouths too big. The panel structure was alright, but it wasn’t as impressive as the previous artist.”

Geek Syndicate“Art is by Sebastian Chow and Kóte Carvajal. Rough and ready might be a good description. Almost as if trying to reflect life in rural Georgia by odd character design and basic backgrounds.”

CB“The art was really good for each story. In particular the first two tales had solid art that fit the stories. With the second story the artist definitely saved the day since the entire story happens in one room.”

Some positive and some negative but any feedback is good for me at the moment!