I have just seen on Facebook that Pixar are doing a free story telling course called “The Art of Storytelling”. Hit the link below to take advantage of this.


Needless to say Pixar know their stuff when it comes to storytelling. Their first feature length film, Toy Story, not only set a new benchmark for animation but it was in its own right a great story with memorable characters. When you look at the list of releases Pixar has made hit after hit.

This course looks like a great insight into storytelling from teams that have a proven track record.

I will update this post once I have completed the first part.

Part 1 is entitled “We are all storytellers”, complete with video instruction and activities.

Part 2 is not yet available but discusses Characters.

Will this course tell you how to make comics? No. But hopefully it can help us become stronger storytellers which is essential to making great comics.