I am launching my first SkillShare class! After talking with my friend and fellow creative KaiCreative, I was motivated to join him and make a simple art course to test the Skillshare waters. Kai has released several courses on the platform, including creating an animated CV, Beginning in Photography and Getting started in Adobe Premiere Pro. 

I’ve been meaning to make this class for a while, and I finally stopped procrastinating and made progress in filming and editing. The class was supposed to launch on 30th November 2022 in line with Skillshare’s Teach Challenge for November. However, I’ve realized that my videos need a little more polish to be up to the high standard that Skillshare requires. I’m aiming to have it completed before the end of 2022. 

My class is a short and simple course designed to help students draw a cat. The whole class is less than 50 minutes and is broken up into small easy-to-digest chunks. 

Here is a preview of the first draft of the intro video for the class.