I’ve been working on updating the website with some subtle but significant changes. I’ll keep this post pinned on the homepage for a while to help newcomers to the site. In addition to the general upkeep of patches and security updates to the website, here is a short list of some of the changes I’ve made.

Blogs vs. Articles

I’ve cleared up the category structure for posts and I’ve simplified it to two categories; Blog and Articles. Posts marked as ‘blog’ will be about personal updates either on my journey as a comic creator or announcements about projects I’m working on. Articles will be more educational or informative and may include reviews or how-to articles that other creatives may find useful. 

At the top of the homepage on both desktop and mobile, there will be a simple filter that will help separate these out to help you find what you’re looking for, by default all posts will be shown together on the homepage.

New products 

If you keep scrolling on the homepage or check out the products page, you’ll find a new product has been added! I’ve done a separate post here, to explain how I hope to develop this further.  This will hopefully be the first of many products I’ll add to the site.


I had originally planned to send regular newsletters but the reality is that I don’t have enough time or content to regularly prepare and send these. Apologies If you’ve signed up for the newsletter and wondered where the newsletters are, I really do appreciate everyone who signs up and shows an interest in my work. I will, however, be sending out notifications for important events or announcements, like when the next Kickstarter is going to launch so keep an eye out in your inbox, you never know when the next email will drop!

Links to other sites

Keep an eye out in the header for new links to other sites. For example, at the time of writing this update, I am developing a short SkillShare course, more on that in this blog update here. Links to that course will be added to the site. 

I would like this website to be the main hub of updates, work, and any products I produce. Rather than build my work on someone else’s platform, i.e. Instagram or Facebook, I like to be in full control of how the platform changes and improves. Many creators complain about how the algorithm changes or how their followers aren’t able to see their posts or updates and this is something I want to avoid. This doesn’t mean I’ll stop using other platforms but I’ll use them to highlight and point to the website rather than the other way around. 

Hopefully, all these improvements make the site easier to use, keeping things interesting and fresh. If you’re a regular visitor to the site, thank you for stopping by and supporting my work!