It’s been a while since my last post but lots of things have been happening. My friend and YouTuber, KaiCreative, used this lockdown period to produce something creative with his family. In addition to making review videos for filming and photography equipment, Kai is a skilled story teller and loves to make short films.

During the recent lockdown, he took the opportunity to make Rocket Girl, a short film with his young daughter Nia starring as the lead role. The story follows 4 year old Nia who loves all things to do with space, sci-fi and space travel. In the story, Nia has a disjointed family life, where her dad works a bit too hard and never seems to get home until she’s asleep. Things soon change when she decides that she’s going to go to the moon. She uses her determination and hard work to lead her on an amazing adventure that brings the whole family closer together.

Kai asked me to produce some artwork for the project which triggered the idea of making a children’s book from the images. Hence, a new Kickstarter was born. This book is designed for young kids and would make a great gift idea for any kids you know. If you want to go straight to the Kickstarter page to find out more, click the button below!

Rocket Girl isn’t the only project I’m working on, I’m also illustrating the first issue to Gone – vol 2. I’ve read the script from Simon Birks and I can’t wait to complete the pages for this. Blue Fox Comics will be releasing this intriguing story through Kickstarter soon. What is Gone? Here is the description for volume 1 (issues 1-3) from

“Gone is a popular sci-fi mystery comic, about the AssistA robot, who wakes on board a vessel that should be home to thousands of crew, but is, in fact, desolate. Confused and alone, the AssistA sets off to find out where everyone has gone to. Along the way, he starts receiving interference in the forms of memories from one of the crew members, from before everyone disappeared.

But can AssistA trust these memories, and is it, in fact, as alone as it thinks it is?”

I’m also working on finalising my own story, CATAPULTED which will also be promoted through Kickstarter. In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I wanted to include a sculpture/bust of some of the main characters as one of the rewards. When the lockdown started, I ordered in some Super Sculpey and sculpting tools and I started sculpting. Needless to say, it was harder than I initially imagined with my attempts looking like the work of a toddler. But as with all endeavours, if you fail, try, try, try again. Eventually I started to see gradual improvements. Within a couple of months, I had something that vaguely resembled Yubkin from CATAPULTED. I’m planning to sculpt FiFi the cat too so that these are available as a set on the next Kickstarter. There is an extra I’m thinking of adding but I need to embark on a few experiments to ensure that this comes off correctly and enhance the sculptures. More about that in the future…

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for checking out the latest updates. I have slowly being trying to improve the website. Newsletter signups are back, so If you haven’t yet signed up, scroll down to the footer to add your email. I’m also writing more posts and have a few more interesting articles on creating comics.

As a reminder, below is a link to the Rocket Girl Kickstarter that is live now. If you would like to show support but can’t back the project right now you can still help by doing the following:

1. Visit the Kickstarter page (link is in the profile). Visits to the page help Kickstarter know this is a project people are interested in.
2. Watch the video we made on the Kickstarter page all the way through.
3. Share the project on social media of you think it’s a project others might like.

Stay safe and take care until next time.