What’s the plan, Batman?

When is the next Kickstarter going to take place? That's the question I get asked…

Writing Workshop at Orbital

A few weeks ago I attended a writing workshop at Orbital Comics in Leicester…

Articulating my favourite artists – PART 1

An Instagram follower had asked about the possibility of me writing an article…

2018 Review!

We have come to the end of another year! Time passes way too quickly. I used to…

Digital Drawing Tablets: Wacom vs Microsoft vs iPad vs ???

Recently an artist friend contacted for some advice about drawing devices as he was…

Ipswich Comic Con 2018

Ipswich Comic-Con, my first comic con of 2018. Did you attend? To be honest, I…

Kickstarter – Things not commonly discussed

Kickstarter is a very interesting platform indeed. Now that I have more or less…

Big Cartel Store!

Kickstarter fulfillment is underway with a reprint of CATAPULTED (more details on…

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